Tesco advertise for a 'Christmas Tree Light Untangler'

A Tesco in Wales has created what they think is Britain's first ever job dedicated to untangling Christmas lights. How very zany.

It is a temporary role, for 4 weeks, and will need that special someone to "relieve some of the stresses often associated with the Yuletide season, specifically, tangled tree lights". The supermarket will hire someone who can "conquer one of the most frustrating jobs of Christmas" and become "the UK’s first ever dedicated Christmas Tree Lights Untangler."

"The position will require a friendly helpful demeanour, oodles of patience and of course, the innate knack to be able to untangle even the most scrambled of wires. The successful applicant will work full time in the lead up to Christmas, showing that “Every Little Helps”, lending their nimble fingers to customers while they shop."


If you actually want this job, then you must be 'genuinely passionate about Christmas' and have the ability to untangle three metres of Christmas tree lights in less than three minutes.

And  you'll get paid the same as someone who works for Tesco as a customer service employee. If you want to apply for this gig, then click these differently coloured words.

Merry humbug.


  • Heather H.
    I can help
  • Wade h.
    I am a hard working young man
  • jennette f.
    i am applying for the untangler job,i live rockferry [removed],i do my own every year so im sure i wud manage.thank you

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