'Tatty' Credit-Crunched Christmas Tree in Need of Some T.L.C. - What About Yours?

http://img243.imageshack.us/img243/6365/4526045358649202hw4.jpgThe last thing you want to erect during an economic recession is a christmas tree that looks like shit.  But Peterlee's Castle Dene Shopping Centre has done just that, and is now in much need for a gift from Santa 'tis holiday before mobs of outraged shoppers in County Durham burn it down.  The threadbare Christmas tree is not only ruining yuletide, but have been described by as “an insult to the town” and "the worst Christmas tree in the country", with criticisms coming from as far as Egypt... via text message. 

So in the Christmas spirit, the Forestry Commission is donating a 20 ft. Norway Spruce from Hamsterley Forest in County Durham. Shopping centre manager Mike Weston expresses his excitement and gratitude with much sincerity, saying that the now twiggy tree is "now destined for recycling into mulch".

So what tree are you going with this Christmas?  HUKDer Ibiza's pink 4 ft. tree for £1 from Poundland looked tempting at first, but so did this 6ft Black and Silver Dressed Tree for £9.78 instead of £39.99 posted by Dawn1e.  In the end I settled on reserving this 5ft Blue LED Fibre Optic Tree that Aliandk discovered at Argos for £12.49 instead of £49.99. And seeing that we're likely to be covered in several feet of snow this holiday, I'd cut back on spending too much on cheapskate outdoor decorations.

Finally, Bitterwallet needs your help to document your finest examples of what's making Christmas '08 so fantastic (or so goddamn awful) in the coming weeks.  Just share any evidence you can find of your local 'tattiness' and tasteless decorations by posting your comments below, and we'll feature the best 3 in an upcoming post. 

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  • Mike H.
    Damn those DFS midgets, how dare that fat bird allow one of them to stare at said tree!

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