"Silent Night" turns into Fight, Thanks to Santa's Helper Singing Badly

Is the stress of the economic crisis finally taking its toll on Britain's mental stability, or has Christmas lost its magic?  One of Santa's helpers, a 72 year old man who had heart surgery 2 years ago, was bludgeoned to the ground by an irked stranger who got annoyed because he was singing too loud.  

According to The Telegraph:

Glen MacDonald, 72, who has helped Santa get from door-to-door delivering gifts for more than 20 years, was left with a broken chest bone after the unprovoked attack. Mr MacDonald was with Santa and a group of carol singers from the Tunbridge Wells Lions Club when a man approached the group and told them to shut up and stop singing.  He targeted Mr MacDonald, telling him he was singing 'too loudly'.

Did Santa intervene, like the hero that he is?  Nope.  He apparently remained immobile because of his 'bulky red suit'. The unprovoked attack left the sleigh driver, Mr. MacDonald, with a broken chest bone.  Some karma for a nice guy who's raised money for the local charity for the past 25 years!  Is this what the holiday spirit in this country has come to with the financial meltdown?



  • ungulator
    probably nothing to do w the financial situation, is there anything to link that there is? i suspect no.
  • tony
    i blame johnathan ross.
  • shaniqua s.
    i hate santa claus he is jus some lonley man in a red and white suit so ha ha ha p.s. santa if u r readin dis i need some new some nbew skz

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