Selfridges declare Christmas open in two weeks time

19 July 2010


Hang out the decorations, slap on the Santa suit and let joy be unconfined – the run-up to Christmas is almost upon us!

Yes, the summer solstice is but a distant memory and it’s time for us all to start looking forward to the naked commercialism that is the 21st century British Christmas. If you don’t include those weird shops that sell Christmas stuff all year round, it seems that the whole shebang is kicking off on August 2nd at Selfridges in London’s fashionable That London’s buzzing Oxford Street.

That’s an amazing 145 days before the actual day when we get together and celebrate the birthday of the baby Jesus with presents and turkey and booze and sweets and inter-familal brawling. It beats Selfridges previous record by a good six days as well.

Geraldine James, Selfridges Christmas Shop's buying manager, said: "Christmas is coming earlier each year.” Yes it is, and it’s thanks to cynical, grabbing overkill merchants like bloody fucking Selfridges. Happy bastard August everyone.


  • Alexis
    How can they make money out of a section of store space devoted to Christmas when the same space selling summer items would surely make them more? Don't customers feel embarrassed taking baubles to the till in August?
  • PokeHerPete
    Hi Bitterwallet, do you have a higher res version of the picture you have used in this entry. I will return it in a clean condition, thanks.
  • Perverts
  • zeddy
    Are they frolicking in frozen spunk?

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