Save time and money - cook the Christmas turkey in 45 minutes

If I recall Christmas Day as a child correctly, then my mum would start preparing dinner before the sun had risen, and it'd be some six hours later before we tasted the fruits of her labours. Now it's far less effort to find an open branch of McDonalds. Admittedly the experience isn't entirely replicated in the company of Ronald & Co, but at least you don't have the washing up afterwards.

Mark Bittman has a better idea. Don't skimp on the Christmas Day dinner - enjoy the full works as usual -  but cook that 12lb beast of turkey in just 45 minutes. Not only does that mean more time to indulge in all-day drinking, but you save on your extravagant yuletide fuel bill, too.

The secret is to cut the backbone out of the bird, an act which sounds daunting but minimalist chef Bittman assures us isn't, and flatten it out in the pan. Read Bittman's full instructions here or click on the video above, and learn how to cook a turkey not only quicker, but more evenly. Yum.


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