Royal Mail to hire 19,000 for Christmas

Royal Mail Christmas is a boom time for casual jobs. Argos are taking on thousands, and now, the Royal Mail will be recruiting around 19,000 temporary workers to help sort the Christmas madness.

In a statement, they said that it'll be looking to fill temporary positions across a host of shifts between mid-November to early January 2016. It is mostly going to be support to the Royal Mail’s 123,000 permanent postmen and women, but think on - Parcelforce Worldwide is also looking for drivers and indoor workers.

So, if you're after a job, around 14,000 people will be needed to work in mail, distribution centres and data centres across England, 1,340 in Scotland, 560 in Wales and 550 in Northern Ireland.

All the temps will be asked to sort Christmas cards and parcels before they go to around 1,400 Delivery Offices for postfolk to take out on the rounds. Royal Mail Group’s express parcels business, Parcelforce Worldwide, is also recruiting around 2,600 extra drivers and sorting staff through the UK. We're just waiting to see if anyone hasn't read this article properly and are going to ask for a job in the comments, like they usually do.

Royal Mail’s chief operations officer, Sue Whalley, said: "Christmas is our busiest time of year. We plan all year round to help ensure we deliver the best possible service for consumers and businesses in the UK. Every Christmas, we make a substantial commitment in additional resources to handle the festive mailbag, including the recruitment of thousands of temporary workers."

Royal Mail has set up a special website for people to apply for the Christmas jobs –


  • Pie M.
    How is this news - they do it every year FFS.
  • Postman P.
    Do that mean if they are looking to "fill temporary positions across a host of shifts between mid-November to early January 2015" that I am 12 months too late to apply? As sure it is January 2016 - that's right TWENTY SIXTEEN.
  • Natalie p.
    Hi I would like more information on job please
  • john b.
    hi I would like more info please and was wondering if there is any places in nn10 many thanks
  • Mark M.
    Hi Am interested in applying to become a postman, could I have more information please [phone number removed]
  • Mark M.
    Hi sm interested in applying for the postman vacancies [phone number removed]
  • Mo g.
    Hi i would like to have more information about the job and how to apply. Thank you
  • Mof G.
    To those asking for a job - we'd like to alert you to the second half of the fourth paragraph. And then the last paragraph.
  • Aimee
    Hi ya would love to work for the Royal Mail
  • Aimee
    Hi ya would be interested in the job vacancies to work for Royal Mail thank you
  • Tina g.
    More information on how to apply please
  • Rasta P.
    If those in the comments really were enquiring about vacancies, why did you remove their phone numbers? Darwin candidates.
  • bob
    Holy Christ on a Bike these people are insanely stupid.
  • Sarah
    Hi please send me some info .
  • Daniel o.
    Hello my name is daniel omogbehin i am 19 years old. I am intrested in this job. I would like more information about this job thank you
  • Liam f.
    Hi I am a 17 year old male looking for any seasonal work in liverpool. Thank you
  • Martin H.
    Hi I would love the chance to work for Royal Mail I am hard working father of 3 and would like to give my kids a nice Xmas Thankyou
  • kimberly e.
    Interested in the Christmas vacancies
  • Myra F.
    I am interested. Could I please have information on how and where to apply please. Thank you.
  • Claire d.
    Would love to work for royal mail.
  • John c.
    Hi there..I am very interested in applying for Christmas staff you require in the Stoke on trent area. .Thanks for reading and hoping for a speedy reply.
  • Paul b.
    Hi my name is Paul baker I'm currently looking for work. I'm interested in your work placement my number is 07444703372
  • stephenmceachran
    Hi there am am looking for work am hard working very motivated reliable also got my driving license to any thing else u need. To know just pop me a email
  • april r.
    I am fed up of being on the dole I need a job I am a good worker and a easy learner
  • Tammy g.
    I'm 44 years old, and currently have 2 jobs,, 1 I have been at for 20yrs and the other 16, I'm looking for a career change,, I'm hard working trustworthy, work part of a team, or alone, handled cash, rotas' been left in charge, and have good customer service, I'm willing to work part time fulltime, an flexible , available from 20th November.

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