Royal Mail really are working flat out this Christmas

Bitterwallet - Royal Mail FAIL

"When attempting to get a package redelivered last night I was offered a choice of the 25th of December," said avid Bitterwallet reader Jim. "It was quite tempting to take them up on the offer and see if it gets delivered by Father Christmas."


  • martin
    Photoshopped! lol Will A fox be delivering it
  • Santas b.
    I heard santa is really a fox bummer so I doubt they'd be out delivering on Christmas day Martin.
  • lukekey
    fucking fox bummers!! Why do they allways lie??
  • will
    at least they have the sense not to deliver on foxing day. surely nobody is free on this holiest of days.
  • chris
    You mock, but there is a chance there will be deliveries on the 25th.....
  • Santa
    ^ Only from me.

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