Royal Mail glitch causes pre-Christmas chaos

royal-mail It’s only the second day of December but the Royal Mail is already starting to fall apart ahead of the massive Christmas rush. Their Price Finder page - which calculates postal costs of packages based on size and weight - has been closed due to "technical difficulties".

There have also been assorted glitches in the online stamp buying, redirection and redelivery services and it’s all got something to do with the migration of online services to a new computer server. Yeah, because when you’re Royal Mail, the start of December is ideal time to be faffing about with the techie stuff isn’t it? Hats off!

Oh, and don’t forget - the Christmas deadline for second-class post is the 17th of December and is three days later for first-class deliveries. Hopefully Royal Mail will have got their act together by then.



  • heywood j.
    Can someone tell me what happens to 2nd class post, that makes it 2nd class? If I put it in a mailbox, do they collect it and store it in a heated, paid for, manned space for a day or two before delivering it, hence costing more than 1st class to the royal mail?
  • Alexis
    The online service wasn't working for two days last week. Managed to get on it last Friday. Has it gone down again?
  • Richard
    @ heywood jablome It's price discrimination (second degree price discrimination to be precise). It doesn't matter to the royal mail that it costs slightly more because the cost is small compared to the extra revenue they get from people buying second class mail. If they delivered it as fast as they delivered first class then no one would buy first class stamps and if they didn't have it as an option they'd lose the revenue from second class stamps.

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