Royal Mail get competitive for Christmas

Royal Mail The Royal Mail are going to (just about) double the maximum size of their small parcel format ahead of Christmas and running a price promotion in a bid to prove their worth to customers.

From 20th October, the largest dimensions of the two existing small parcels will be merged to create a single, bigger format (coming in at 45cm x 35cm x 16cm) which means, in real terms, you can save up to £5.20 if the contents of a medium parcel can be fitted into the new small size.

From next Monday until mid-January, all second class small packages weighing up to 2kg will cost the same, £2.80, which takes a quid off parcels weighing between 1kg and 2kg. There'll also be £1 off franked small parcels weighing between 1kg and 2kg.

First-class prices are staying the same.

This is in addition to the Royal Mail launching a pilot where they do business on Sundays to make it easier for everyone to pick up parcels they missed in the week. They are also trialling Sunday deliveries within the M25.

It really is about time they started Sunday services.

The company has to prove their worth at the moment as MPs on the business select committee have launched an inquiry after there were claims that the Royal Mail might not be able to fulfil their universal service obligation to deliver to every address in the country six days a week for the same price.


  • OldGit
    All those so called 'experts' who bleated on about how the sell off was too cheap have been very quiet recently - I wonder why? Something to do with the share price now at around £3.90 (18% above initial price) For experts rea W*nkers
  • Paul S.
    Will retailers pass on the saving on delivery charges to the end customer?
  • Mr M.
    @ Oldgit Of course the sale price was to cheap, they went massively up, and !8% up at present is still a huge loss for the taxpayer.

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