Reminder! Today is the last day for Christmas post!

21 December 2015

christmas We warned you about this last week, but you've probably been on the lash with your colleagues since then, drinking far too many jagers on Crazy Friday... so we're here to remind you again, that today, is the last day if you want to post your Christmas cards off!

Today is the last day when First Class letters, cards, and parcels will get to your loved ones before Christmas Day.

The Post Office even tweeted about it, saying: "Today is the last #xmaspost date for items sent 1st class (inc. Royal Mail Signed For)"

Of course, if you've got the money and you're still disorganised, there's still special deliveries which is in play until December 23rd. That's going to cost you over £6 though, so it isn't exactly ideal. Needs must though if you've been too concerned with filling yourself full of hot booze and mince pies.

Anyway, get those cards off as soon as possible if you want them to get their before Christmas Day, okay?

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  • Alexis
    Dream on. I posted something on Thursday and it didn't arrive
  • Shopper
    " special deliveries which is in play until December 23rd. That’s going to cost you over £6 though, " I wonder what the most expensive delivery cost ever for a simple Christmas card is. I suspect every year there are (uber-rich) people probably sending cards + presents international first class* same-day delivery on Chrismas Day! I expect if someone has the money and enough concierges/lackeys at their beck and call it can be done. *first class as in "aeroplane cabin", not first class Royal Mail!

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