Pringles get Christmassy with new flavour

With the array of Christmas themed snacks that crop up at this time of year, we're thinking of binning off making an actual Christmas roast, and just replacing everything with crisps and the like.

Among the turkey flavoured snacks and Xmas pudding flavoured sweets, we can now serve up some Pringles that taste like pigs in blankets (and everyone knows they're the best bit of the festive feeds).

pringles xmas

Sadly, the packet of these contains the awful wordplay of 'Merry Pringles', which only rhymes with 'Merry Shingles', which no-one has ever said to anyone.

Either way, we're into the idea of eating crisps that, not only taste like bacon, but also, sausages! That's two types of cooked pig in one gobful.

These will be on the shelves of our supermarkets within the next few weeks, and we're already contemplating buying some cranberry sauce to dip them in while we get diabetes on the sofa.

What do you think?

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