PornHub might have won at Christmas adverts

PornHub have hired someone who really gets how the internet works because, apart from giving people something to look at while they have their hands down their pants, they've also been doing loads of marketing that has almost instantly memed.

And now, as everyone gets their feelings out for Christmas in the advertising world, PornHub have done the same, with a spot that might just be the best of the year.

Have a look at this.

Pornhub say: "This holiday season, give the most touching gift of all!"

"Pornhub Premium’s new gifting service allows you to spread the love to family and friends with specially customisable gift cards. Add a personal message and send same day or on a future date of your choosing! Pornhub Premium offers a totally ad-free experience to its users, complete with faster playback and higher quality streaming on the millions of videos currently on Pornhub as well as the largest collection of exclusive full length HD adult titles available in crisp 1080p resolution."

Perfect for grandpa.

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  • Raggedy
    Was the title being typed one handed or something?!?

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