People behind Lapland attraction go on Santa's naughty list

18 February 2011

shitty laplandRemember those people who set-up a Lapland themed place for Christmas that, essentially, made the wonder of Yule look like a carpark full of derelict shit? Well, Santa has noted that the brothers who ran the Christmas atrocity have been very naughty and set the authorities on them too.

Victor and Henry Mears operated Lapland New Forest at Matchams Park on the Hampshire-Dorset border in 2008 and, well, everyone thought they'd been had. A jury at Bristol Crown Court agreed and found both men guilty on five counts of misleading advertising.

The trial heard that this pair of Grinches could have made more than £1m from the 10,000+ advanced ticket sales. As such, they've been found guilty of five charges of engaging in a commercial practice which is a misleading action under the Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. Or, ripping people off, to you and me.

Basically, these buggers have learned that you can't offer a "winter wonderland" with snow-covered cabins, huskies, polar bears and a delightfully busy Christmas market when you're really offering a grotty carpark with little more than a bloke smoking roll-ups while dressed as an elf.

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