PayPal spoil Christmas for all children

3 November 2015

How do you tell children that Father Christmas doesn't exist? Children, if you're reading this, firstly he does exist and, secondly, what on Earth are you doing reading a site about consumer affairs? Shouldn't you being doing something fun like trolling YouTube comments and seeing what you can fit up your nose?

Right, now the kids have gone, where were we? Ah yes. Father Christmas. If you can't be arsed telling your children that you're buying all the presents, why not let them watch the new Christmas advert from PayPal?

Have look. Check out how unromantic this is.

Of course, this advert has angered parents, who took to social media to vent all manner of spleen.

As you can see, the commercial shows a child cottoning on to the fact that his parents are completely responsible for the gifts at Christmas, and that Santa has nothing to do with it. Instead, the presents will be delivered by some bloke in a van, because they were ordered online.

Angry parents want this advert pulled from broadcast immediately, and some have even complained to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Naturally, parents could just tell their children that they've put their order in with Santa, and that he'll be bringing the presents on Christmas Day, which is why they don't have any on them. Just a thought. Might be a more fun thing to do, than sending angry emails to the ASA.

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