Now a thing: Personalised Nutella

nutella david What do you get the person who is really batshit for Nutella this Christmas? Why, a personalised pot of it.

Yes indeed, Nutella are doing special personalised pots of its spread in branches of Selfridges this year. The £3.99 for a 400g jar will seem meaningless once the object of your affection's eyes light up upon unwrapping their own personal jar of brown gloop.

It's not available online, but you can call 0800 123 400 and order there and collect in your nearest store.

This idea worked a charm for Coca-Cola. By simply putting human names on a product, you'll find that everyone on the internet can't wait to show something with the same name as them, thereby, doing a lot of free promotion for you.

Obviously this - as anything offering a personalised service - can be corrupted by miscreants and all manner of words can be put on the jars, not that we're advising you get a jar and personalise it with something like "compacted faeces" or something like that.

But it's Christmas time, there's no need to be afraid (well, unless you have a nut allergy, and then you're a bit doomed). Quite literally SPREAD the love. [you're fired - Ed.]


  • Alexis
    I'm all for retro labels, but the nutella one is 1960's grimness.
  • Fat H.
    If they can't fit Richard on the jar then I can't see Dick being printed either.
  • Martin
    Wouldn't a scanner, a printer and a copy of MS Paint allow you to create a personalized label for about 5p?
  • Spencer
    I would like a personalised Nutella pot for a friend for Christmas! But I would like more than one Nutella pot. One with the name Spencer and one with Kiana.

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