Near perfect 33-year-old malt whisky being sold at Lidl for... UNDER £40?!

As soon as you get the chance, leg it to Lidl because they've got a bottle of whisky on sale that's driving refined booze-hounds wild with delight! The whisky, selling at under £40, has been hailed by experts as a 'superstar' spirit worth at least £100.

The budget supermarket sourced its own brand from an unnamed distiller and flogging the 33-year-old Maxwell Single Malt Scotch Whisky for £39.99, with reviewers calling it 'nearing perfection'.

Whisky reviewer, Jim Murray, said: "This has to be nosed to be believed. Here is a chance to have a sniff at something nearing perfection. It is a superstar whisky that gives us all a reason to live - a malt destined to be a collector's item."

Lidl said: "It is the first time that we have sourced a whisky of this kind which would normally retail at over £100. We are expecting it to fly off the shelves when it arrives in time for Christmas."

Get drunk, now!


  • Pete
    "UNDER £40?" Don't thing 1p really justifies block capitals.
  • Angry S.
    I may be wrong, but I think this is called 'viral marketing' Suckers
  • Stu_
    Other than a Daily Fail link, is there anyone actually worth their salt who has verified this is a top notch Whisky? It's not just viral marketing, this is blatant bullshit
  • Euan
    The top notch claim comes from Jim Murray, wikipedia page here: Selected quotes from that page: "Having visited his first distillery, Talisker, in 1975, it is believed that he has since visited more distilleries globally than any living person" "1994 saw the release of Jim Murray's Irish Whiskey Almanac, the first of many popular whisky books that he would go on to write in securing his place as, arguably, the world's leading authority and most influential on the subject" "Murray won the Glenfiddich Whisky Writer of the Year award on the three separate occasions he was entered for the competition. Murray is quoted as saying that he fiercely guards his independence and honesty. He says that he believes this can be compromised by writing for an advertising-dependent media." The guy makes his living out of writing about whisky, and it's him that rated this stuff at 95/100. I'd say a fair bet this is indeed decent stuff and not paint stripper...
  • no w.

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