M&S say sorry for potty-mouthed advert

Marks and Spencer has said sorry for spelling out a rather rude phrase on their website while they were trying to flog Christmas at everyone.

M&S are currently advertising their festive tree decorations, where you buy two and get one free. Some of the Christmas tree decorations are glittery red letters, so you can hang them up and spell your own rude words if you like.

And lo, the website showed the decorations spelling out the very unchristian 'FCK ME'. See for yourself.

MandS swear

Sadly, this wasn't the work of some cheeky programmer or employee, but rather, caused by a computer program which generates the placements in a random order.

A spokesperson for Marks and Spencersaid: "This was due to the algorithms used to display products on our website - it was quickly spotted and corrected."


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  • oldgit
    There is no such thing as 'random' in a computer - best is pseud-random (ie not random at all).

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