Massive job losses mean more high street misery

27 October 2011


The great British High Street is well and truly heading towards a crisis – reports suggest that 70,000 retail jobs were shed last month, and ‘experts’ are ‘predicting’ that there will be a £1.2 billion drop in takings this Christmas, almost certainly leading to more job losses and store closures in the New Year.

The British Retail Consortium’s Retail Employment Monitor surveyed stores that have a combined staff number of over a million. They revealed that there was a 3.1% fall in full-time equivalent jobs in September – 23,000 in actual numbers. Using their extrapolation machine, they extrapolated those figures, and as there are more than three million employed in the business sector, they came up with the 70,000 job loss figure.

They say that the actual number of actual people affected will almost certainly be greater still, as two-thirds of those employed in retail are part-time workers. As we approach the busy Christmas period, shops will be taking on temporary workers but the numbers will be down on last year, with store bosses trying to get by with what they’ve already got.

Are you a retail worker? What’s it like out there on the frontline? Do you fear for your job or even the future of your employer? Go on – tell us.

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  • Dick
    In before someone suggests that Amazon should buy up all the empty retail outlets in the UK and use them as collection centres.
  • The B.
    That picture up there, that's not the high street, that's the road that branches onto the High Street, you know, the one the station's on.
  • Dick
    It’s actually here …,-2.483532&spn=0.008503,0.022981&hnear=Market+Drayton+TF9+3BY,+United+Kingdom&gl=uk&t=m&z=16&vpsrc=0&layer=c&cbll=52.903473,-2.484647&panoid=qykUYYc8bkBCyMlYetY3XA&cbp=12,0,,0,0 The carpet store next door had closed too, when google passed by. But on a positive note, it is now an Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant and takeaway. I’d prefer that to bloody carpets.
  • samuri
    more room for illegal shits to breed
  • Jared
    Who in their right mind would prefer an Indian restaurant over a carpet shop? Get a CAT scan, Dick... The stink of those places should never be desirable, and I don't just mean the one emanating from the staff...

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