Lidl - now selling reindeer meat for Christmas

31 October 2013

reindeer Lidl are under fire as they get in the Christmas spirit by selling reindeer meat, so you can eat Rudolph this Yuletide.

If you're interested in eating an animal that isn't turkey, then you can grab a reindeer steak for £7.99. Reindeer is part of Lidl's premium range, which means venison, quail and partridge is also up for grabs. Obviously, the supermarket is trying to attract middle class customers.

Animal campaigners, of course, are furious, saying the whole thing is a "sick novelty", but they've missed the fact that this isn't the first time Lidl have actually sold reindeer. These campaigners also reckon that this product endangers wolves and bears.

Justin Kerswell, of animal welfare and vegetarian group Viva!, said: "What Lidl aren't telling their customers is that to put reindeer meat on British shelves, other large wild animals are systematically hunted, or trapped, and shot. All that seemingly matters to this cut-price supermarket is delivering sick novelty and the pursuit of profit this Christmastime."

Lidl aren't having that though. A spokesperson said: "The animals are slaughtered in strict accordance with EU guidelines in a EU certified slaughterhouse, where the animals are stunned prior to the slaughtering process. We takes issues of animal welfare as well as environmental protection very seriously."

Obviously, animal welfare isn't being taken too seriously, what with animals dying in the process... but who cares? Who fancies a reindeer burger? Apparently it tastes somewhere between beef and lamb, but with an aftertaste of liver.


  • Grammar N.
    "Obviously, animal welfare isn’t being taken too seriously, what with animals dying in the process" And how is that different from the way in which most other meat is produced?
    I had this meat while working in Norway with some Lapp guys, they had a leg hanging in their portakabin, we went over for a drink with them and they cut us a slice off, it was Black as they hang it for months before eating it, anyway this was 1986, when we were chowing on this vile tasting stuff, the Lapp said " watch this . when we turn the light off it glows Green" we nigh on crapped ourselves as this was not long after Chernoybl, just as well they were taking the piss.
  • Loz
    I had sauteed reindeer in Finland last year, it was fantastic. Don't see how eating this is any different in principle to venison.
  • Alexis
    "And how is that different from the way in which most other meat is produced?" Nobody is saying it is?
  • Mad H.
    Lidl have been selling reinder around Christmas for the last four years. This is Not News
  • Captain.Cretin
    So why the uproar this year, when they were selling it last year - and probably several years before that!!!!
  • JonB
    They serve reindeer stew in the Helsinki airport conference centre. It's tasty, if a bit chewy, and similar to beef. Not as gamy as venison.
  • Aston V.
    ♫Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer had a very tasty rump...♫
  • Marky M.
    Ditto had it in Finland. It's nice. Ivalo airport shop had tins of "Poronlihaa", also pelts. They sold vacuum-packed bear meat too but it was £20.
  • noshit
    Save the Rat ffs, thousands slaughtered every day. No one gives a Monkies cock about my brothers & sisters1
  • jt
    Had it in a London restaurant in 1999. Nothing to see here, move along.
  • biedronka t.
    aktualnosci biedronka gazetka
  • Ola
    ♫Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer had a very tasty rump…♫ ♫...and if you'd ever tried it, you'd know its a perfect roast!..♫

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