Lidl now selling record decks

silvercrest Lidl have started selling record players.

Yep, the demand for vinyl is at its highest since 1996 (mainly because people gave up pressing new records on vinyl in the mid-nineties, so yeah) and so, to capture that vogue, the supermarket chain has started stocking Silvercrest USB Record Players.

It's the first time that the supermarkets have taken notice of such things, and Lidl are leading the way with stocking the £49.99 turntable.

The Silvercrest also offers FM radio transmissions, playback of MP3/WMA files from USB memory devices and SD/MMC memory cards, and playback of audio signals from external audio devices.

It will also digitise any vinyl that you've managed to source that's not on the internet already directly to a USB stick or as MP3s to an SD/MMC card.

Silvercrest is a Lidl brand, and the turntables will be available throughout the store's 10,000 branches across Europe.

Of course, this isn't going to tick the boxes for craft-ale, Clarks-wearing 40something audiophiles, but as a starter record player for your hipster-leaning, music-nerd child, it could be an excellent Christmas present.

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  • Ann A.
    Have been trying to buy this record player - are there anywhere I can go in Norfolk?

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