Last dates for posting your Christmas cards!

15 December 2015

Postman-Pat Have you got people you want to wish a Happy Christmas to, but you don't actually want to see them in person? Do you want to send a nice letter to someone for a festive treat, where you ask how they are before asking them for money?

Whatever the reason, you need to get your rear in gear, because the last post days for Christmas are upon us! Yes they are!

If you’re sending anything to relatives and chums second class, you've got until this Saturday December 19th to do so.

If you're posting anything first class, then Monday December 21st is the last day for you! Okay? You've got a bit of time then.

You might be really disorganised or have forgotten someone, so if you're sending anything last minute, you can get special delivery on the go, provided it is no later than Wednesday December 23rd.

So there you go! Get a move on, or just send an email and link them to a Spotify playlist or something.

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