John Lewis unveil their new Christmas advert

It is that time of year when the soppy middle classes have their 'Coca Cola truck' moment, as John Lewis get someone to weepify a song and then soundtrack a heartstring tugging tale with it.

This year, they've gone for a penguin called Monty, who is basically the Compare The Meerkat mascot for people who have saffron in the larder.

As you can see below, the advert features a small boy and a penguin that want to have sex with another penguin. The kicker, as you'll find out at the end, is that the penguin sex is all in the boy's mind.

If you thought 'OH THANKS FOR THE SPOILER!' at the previous sentence, then think of this: you're the kind of person who can be taunted with a spoiler from a stupid advert. You're the loser here.

John Lewis have spent £7m on this campaign, which is not only a commercial, but also a smartphone app, story book, soft toys and there promises to be some instore events where kids will see their toys brought to life.

Of course, you can buy your own Monty the Penguin from John Lewis, if you have £95 to spare.

The festive period has officially kicked-off now, and we're going to start seeing a load of Christmas adverts on the telly, which we'll inevitably round-up and decide which ones are funny and which ones make us nauseous.

Holidays are coming. Holidays are coming.

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