iTunes returns with 12 Days of Hit-and-Miss-mass

The annual "too good to be true" gift from Apple is ready once again to whore its wares for your pleasure. Yes, it's the return of the iTunes 12 Days of Christmas:

Bitterwallet - itunes 12 Days of Christmas

12 free downloads? Woop! Of course it sounds very exciting, but once again the ambiguous text doesn't make it clear that you don't choose the downloads. Nope, it'll be a carefully selected bunch of videos, tv shows and songs, three of which you'll fancy and the rest will never bother your conscience again. Shame, because the headline makes you all sort of warm and fuzzy, then the detail kicks you square in the crotchal region.


  • Kevin
    Free stuff is free stuff and worth it for the 3 you'd fancy anyway, but you do wonder if a one off credit might't be a better idea ;)
  • cookie
    'the crotchal reason'? :D
  • Warwick H.
    Just gan onto Torrent and doonload the lot for nowt.
  • mp3bod
    OMG, Promotion offering free stuff not actually giving alot away!! It's free. It's no different to the free track every Tuesday. I don't get to choose it, but if I don't like it, I don't have to download it. It costs me nothing, so to complain about it would be very petty indeed.
  • Nobby
    They do say that the free stuff will be from the biggest star performers on itunes. Therefore if the free stuff is not from say the top 20 paid for download artists on itunes, then apple are lying. And so people are right to be pissed off, since they are not giving away what they said they would. And so people will remember that when buying music online, and buy from someone else. Because apple do false promotions.
  • Alex
    Slow news day Paul?
  • In B.
    [...] is. And while we’re with the iTunes Store, you might have been downloading the freebies from Apple’s 12 Days Of Christmas promotion. You might expect all the offerings to be at least family friendly – after all, it’s [...]

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