It's official! Stupid Secret Santa is a worldwide smash!

In no way is it an exaggeration to say our new website - Stupid Secret Santa - is the best website on the whole intermaweb, and everyone everywhere is talking about it like it just gave their mum a 'monkey face'.

Need proof? Check out what our millions of satisfied customers are already saying about it:

"Cheers guys, just got my SS present thanks to this."

"Do people actually buy secret santa presents? I just give the crap that I got the year before or, if I can’t find it, some shit nicked from the stationery cupboard (after writing TWAT on it)."

"How much do you guys actually make off purchases bought from your referrals?"

Amazing. So if you're still struggling to find some tawdry crap to exchange with despised workmates over the next fortnight, it's time you took no more than ten or fifteen seconds to visit Stupid Secret Santa - without a doubt, the best website in the world. You'll be glad you did! Well, we'll be glad you did, at least.

[Stupid Secret Santa]


  • PokeHerPete
    HEY! The third comment is mine! I win a Kindle?
  • Troll
    gotta love affiliate marketing...
  • Stu
    Does it still not work properly with Firefox?

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