Iceland unveil the £5 lobster

lobster Peter Andre isn't the only orangey red thing Iceland are throwing at you this season.

The frozen food giant is going to offering a cooked whole lobster for a fiver as part of the Christmas line-up.

Coming 'atcha from November 5th, it's the first time the prawn-ring and 89p pizza vendor has offered whole lobster.

Lobster has been on sale in the past at Waitrose (for a sinister £6.66), Tesco and Ocado, but this is the cheapest the high street has seen.

Iceland will also be offering what it reckons is the “best value turkey dinner in Britain”, whose chief component is a turkey crown for 12 priced at £14.

Iceland proudly claim a family of eight could buy a full turkey dinner, with starter and pudding, for £29.39, or £3.67 per head.

Iceland themselves aren't doing too badly either, seeing as they've essentially been doing the cost-cutting thing for years, that Aldi and Lidl are now being praised for. Hurrah!


  • jim
    im sure people will snap that up...... badum tishh!
  • Jack S.
    LIDL had them last year.
  • Tard
    Aldi have been selling these for a £5 for at least two years. They aren't particularly big mind...more a big prawn than your traditional lobster.
  • Martin
    Nice if you have a LIDL near you! Mind you ALDI's Christmas things are very good as well :) And don't forget they seem to be next to each other so use them both!

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