HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 11th November

Here’s today’s collection of some of the finest (and in today’s case, damn rottenest) bargains out there today. The keyboard-fisting geniuses at HotUKDeals are, as ever, wholly responsible. And they smell nice too. So read on safe in that knowledge…

Ah, reading. You know, words and suchlike. Where would we be without it. You’d clearly be somewhere else and not looking at this, whereas we would probably be working somewhere where there’s little call for the printed word. A zoo perhaps, or maybe a bingo hall.

There’s an almost infinite amount of words in all shapes and sizes to be had from Waterstones. Words like ‘shuffle,’ ‘asbestos,’ ‘hammerhead’ and ‘bosoms’ – and now there’s free delivery of all of those words and more as well. Click the linky for some info on lots of online vouchers you can use too.
(deal found by edi)

While we’re on the subject of vouchers, have a butchers at this post – it’ll help you save money at Argos while also dropping some pennies into the coffers of the good people behind leukaemia research.

The voucher deal starts tomorrow, as does a massive 25% toy sale – so get your credit card out, get stuck in, save some cash and help save some lives.
(deal found by edi)

Finally, it was just a week ago that Bitterwallet alerted you to the horror of the upside down Christmas tree, available for an ice-cold £75 from John Lewis. A deeply hideous piece of Yuletide shit and no mistake.

We can only assume that you’ve bombarded John Lewis with threats of mass customer boycott ever since, because they’ve boldly knocked the price of the sick-making contraption to a still-obscene £30. Make your house look like some kind of Dali-esque Christmas nightmare by clicking HERE if you dare. It’s just so, so wrong.
(deal found by lynne1966)

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