HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 4th December

Blogger me, it’s freezing out there. Colder than a witch’s… actually, I’ll not say it, in case there are any FAMILIES reading this while hunched around their laptops. Fuffing weirdos. Thanks again to the deal spotters at HotUKDeals who have unearthed these spuntingly brilliant bargains for you all. Crazy clunts.

First up, trees. Mentioned in dispatches elsewhere but a fripping snot-hot deal that everyone should take a franking good look at. A 6ft black and silver dressed tree – down from £39.99 to just £9.78. To find out where follow the chitting link.

There’s also massive fupping savings to made on LED net lights as well as a smaller, 5ft fibreoptic tree. Well fibreoptic me until I frunk – all good stuff and in keeping with the many inches of pizzling snow that has covered the nation like a giant mothersmutting blanket.
(deal found by the Families dawn1e, itsybitsy & aliandk )

Next, gloves. If you’re the type of go-getting young snit who actually leaves the house instead of huddling around your fuddling laptop with your family, peering at websites about bargains, you’ll need gloves. It’s colder than a bronze statue’s peedlepumps out there today.

You can get a lovely pair of Thinsulate gloves for under a pound if you know where to go. Gather your family closer, warn them that it’s the internet and that anything can happen and then CLICK THIS LINK to find out where you can get your gloves from. You fizzling crope.
(deal found by the Family themoose)

Lastly, a FAMILY book for FAMILIES to read together comfortably without being exposed to nasty horrible words like ‘stit’ or ‘blemming’. It’s the new one from JK Rowling.

Called The Tales Of Beedle The Bard, it’ll be interesting to see if the same sappy adults who sit and read Harry Potters books on public transport will make the leap to this, something which looks like it was written by Beatrix chedding Potter after a long night on the opium. Anyhoo, it’s only £2.79 delivered if you go here.

(deal found by the Family dvdaddict)

So there you are. Bargains for all the family, and all delivered in a nice way without any recourse to tongue-nastiness. Wasn’t fucking hard was it?

Below: A FAMILY in action!!!


  • jah128
    Mummy, what's a snit?
  • Mike H.
    Thanks Andy, now my family are running round saying chit, clunt, blogger, and mothersmutter, thinking that, becasue they are not 'officially' swear words, that it's just fine to use them, they were just danddy knowing they couldn't use words like, fuck, bollocks shite and cunt. That's bollocksed up your familiy orientated blog, ain't it, you clunt.
  • chazz
    Where is the hotest xbox deal ?
  • Mike c.
    ^^ Shoved up yo ass, I hope ^^
  • Mike H.
    I thought that annoying small handed bearded fat boy Beedle was well and truly, and quite rightfully, dead Why is JK (from Jamiroquai) writing about the short little twit?
  • gary_rip

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