HotUKDeals Of The Day - Christania Special!

hukd_logob1 Know this – there are fewer than 400 shopping days left until Christmas, or as it’s alternatively known, Christmeltime, Christania or Present Heaven.

With that astonishing fact in mind, it’s probably time you started stocking (geddit?) up on all the essentials you’ll need to make the festive season go with a smooth bang. Here’s some of the finest festive offers that are currently packing heat at HotUKDeals.

526239First up, some ingredients you’ll need if you want your Christmeltime luncheon to be a big hit – frozen spuds smeared in goose fat and frozen parsnips.

Health and safety warning – you’ll need to cook them before you eat them. But at only £1.00 per bag, you could just fire them out of your own personal garden cannon and still save money.

519505Next, the tree. Christmeltime without a tree is like Little and Large without Little and Large or The Corrs without The Corrs. In a word, it’s impossible to think about. If you don’t want a real tree, now is the time to reel in an artificial-looking real fake.

There’s a half price Present Heaven trees and tree lights offer on right now, with crappy little 3 foot ones for only £4.99 going up to ridiculously unnecessary £99.99 ones going for £99.99.

525896Finally booze. The pre-Christania alcohol offers are starting to hot right the frig up and while there are few things worse than hot alcohol, we’ll round up the latest and greatest… NOW!

There’s a one litre bottle of Baileys for just £9.00, six bottles of Cava for only £18.78 (down from an RRP of £44.94), a litre of Glenfiddich 12-year-old single malt for just £19.98 (down from £39.99) and 18 bottles of Becks for only £7.74. Remember – don’t drink them hot…

(deals found by HUKD members hmm-creme-eggs, siouxsie, chris3349, Trickyjabs, kwikeen and money-talks)


  • Tom P.
    A bit like the Tesco shelf prices, "ridiculously unnecessary £99.99 ones going for £99.99" "£199.99 ones going for £99.99"?
  • Christopher
    >> or as it’s alternatively known, Christmeltime, Christania or Present Heaven. Did you just make that up? No really, did you?
  • Richard
    400 shopping days??? What, till christmas 2010?? :-P
  • Andy D.
    @Richard. I said 'fewer than 400 shopping days' - that's correct isn't it?
  • jp
    your gran seen this then huh
  • jp
  • Richard
    @Andy well so is saying that it's less than 400,000 days till christmas but it doesn't mean anything!!
    • Andy D.
      @Richard - Just between me and you, it was piece of light-hearted whimsy. Let's move on from it, eh?
  • Richard
    @Andy Lol, I wasn't saying it in a serious tone :-P, it's not like I was offended because you wrote it. I just thought it looked a bit funny. There's no need to be patronising :-P

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