Hic! Slurp! It's the Yuletide booze tree!

We’re not sure who the lucky recipients of the booze were, but there’s a thousand empty Heineken bottles here that have been utilised to make this, arguably the most impressive fake Christmas tree on Earth, as well as a neat piece of advertising.

So which hub of commercialisation is playing host to this wonder of the human imagination/potential site of smashed glass mayhem? Is it…

(a)  Amsterdam

(b)  New York

(c)   Shanghai


Of course it’s Shanghai – there’s no abject poverty in China so why not, eh readers?

[Boing Boing]


  • andy y.
    I am collating the names of everyone that takes the piss out of the Chinese for later to assist our new masters.
  • Nobby
    1000 empty beer bottles, that means 10000 pissed up chinamen are loose.
  • drunkmonkey
    and on xmas eve........... there 1000 green bottles sitting on the wall...
  • Jeffrey A.
    ...and if some pissed up chinaman, accidentally removed one from the bottom...
  • Mrs. M.
    That is HILARIOUS!
  • Carlos J.
    MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm Heinekin
  • Kevin
    Full bottles apparently, not empty
  • Audrie B.
    Hello, do you have new links? I enjoy article evolve for my friend.

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