Happy Easter from Bitterwallet and Nestlé!

Purchased today - either somebody overstocked earlier in the year, or Nestlé are getting a little ahead of themselves:

Bitterwallet - Happy Easter from Kit Kat!


  • Random
    quiet day at the office then
  • Wanking H.
    I suppose you have got to pick some links that B3ta can't be arsed to nick.
  • Craig
    The papershop near my work in Blackpool has these on offer 4 for £1!
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. I like a "Kit Kat" with a mug of tea in the morning. Thanks
  • Brian's U.
    get back to work Brian
  • Happy B.
    [...] week we told you how big brands are already preparing for Easter, a fortnight before Christmas. Many claim it is yet more distressing evidence of the [...]
  • A M.
    [...] Skills Translator. Beast Government Solutions is going to be hosting a broad selection of programs made to support local and state governments, workforce boards and educational institutions accomplish [...]

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