Find the perfect present with Stupid Secret Santa

If you've been forced to indulge in the annual festive bullshittery that is Secret Santa by the office twat, you're probably just about ready to kill yourself. You have no idea what to buy Denise in accounts, or that paper pusher in horn-rimmed spectacles that shouldn't be let near children. You'd rather not exchange air with them, never mind waste time, money and cognitive thinking on a present for them.

Bitterwallet - Stupid Secret Santa

Well, worry no longer because help is at hand. From the undefined genius of Hot UK Deals and Bitterwallet, we present Stupid Secret Santa - a dazzling array of cheap, shoddy, peculiar and downright offensive presents that are perfect for the person you couldn't care less about.

We've made it incredibly simple, too - choose how much money you can bare to put towards this false and senseless charade, and we'll find you a present to suit. Don't like it? Not pointless enough? Just search for another gift.

Thanks to Stupid Secret Santa, Andy is currently wearing tit push-ups and Mof has a bottle opener with a giant erection. Everyone's a winner in the Bitterwallet office, except for taste and decency. Go ahead and try it - honestly, it'd be difficult to put less thought into buying Christmas presents this year.

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  • PokeHerPete
    How much do you guys actually make off purchases bought from your referrals?
  • Mr (.
    Stupid Santa dumps out firefox. What has he got against foxes ?
  • Nobby
    > Andy is currently wearing tit push-ups and Mof has a bottle opener with a giant erection Then tell him to stop looking at Andy's man-boobs and start using the bottle opener. Do people actually buy secret santa presents? I just give the crap that I got the year before or, if I can't find it, some shit nicked from the stationery cupboard (after writing TWAT on it). I couldn't give a fuck if it fits the person or not, as it's a secret who gave it.
  • Jase
    Third click in on Stupid Secret Santa: Sudoku toilet paper...I was bought this last your for my Secret Santa!
  • The B.
    Um, I checked £15 and got Abba Albums: Box Set: 9cd £44.99 on HMV, care to explain?
  • Owen
    Cheers guys, just got my SS present thanks to this
  • Stu
    They clearly don't like firefox. In addition, most of the things that do actually work appear to be out of stock. Bit of a fail really... shame because it had potential
  • Santa's h. Yea great. I really want something that doesn't come into stock till January

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