Drunk drivers to be whisked through courts this Christmas

car crash It's Christmas time. There's no need to be afraid.

Unless you're driving a car after sinking a skinful, that is. Drink driving is a level of uncool that we can all agree on, and as traditional as defrosting a mince pie and having to source a disgusting jumper for a work fun day, the police will be stepping up their drunk driving campaigns.

Along with several police services around the country announcing that they will 'name and shame' offenders on Twitter, comes the news that people who drink drive will be banned before Christmas.

Extra court time has been made available to ensure those who drink or drug drive in Advent will be off the roads before the holidays.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the courts will see extra time at magistrates’ courts to ensure offenders are dealt with fast. Meaning that anyone caught in the next few weeks will be banned before the 25th comes around. Those who offend later in the month can expect a ban early in the New Year.

Superintendent Jane Derrick, the head of roads policing, said: “I'm grateful for the courts and the CPS working with us to make these extra slots available so we can get drink and drug-drivers off the streets as quickly as possible."

"There is often a delay of weeks between an individual being charged and them appearing in court but these slots mean those charged with offences early in December could be dealt with by magistrates and banned from the roads in time for Christmas. There is no excuse for driving while over the limit or after taking drugs but there remains a small minority who refuse to believe the law applies to them."

"Don’t get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking or you are still under the influence of from the night before. The loss of your licence is the Christmas present no one wants."

It's common sense really. As anyone who has lost someone to an accident caused by a drunk behind the wheel will agree with. Patrols will look for offenders while teams will respond to public tip-offs and spot checks will be set up in places with a history of drink-driving.

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