Deal Attack! Twelve issues of the Radio Times, including Christmas, for £1.00..

rt78 Do you usually buy the Christmas issue of the Radio Times, before spending an evening carefully studying the Yuletide schedules and circling all the programmes that you’re planning to watch?

Don’t lie to us – we know you do. We all do. Well here’s a chance for you to get that treasured Christmas issue AND another 11 issues, all for the titchy, tiny price of ONE POUND.

It’s a special offer that ends soon so don’t hang about dithering over it – 12 issues of the Radio Times, including the Christmas one, for a quid. Oh, and don’t forget to cancel when the twelve weeks is up if you don’t want to pay full whack for it into 2013…

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  • The M.
    They do realise it's free online, right?

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