Commercial Break: Vodafone and Terry the Turkey

27 November 2015

The Christmas adverts are coming thick-and-fast now, and marketing companies are desperate to crowbar in something, anything, that might become a hashtag.

And so, to Vodafone, and Terry the Turkey.

The advert shows a family buying a turkey, as they decide to rear their own Christmas lunch. Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall would be proud, obviously, as he won't eat anything he hasn't fed off his own tit. Anyway, Terry lives with a family and grows nice and plump.

However, as you've just seen if you clicked that video, the family can't eat Terry. For some reason, the family think he's too cute, even though all turkeys are absolutely appalling to look at.

All soundtracked to 'Flying Without Wings', the family decide to eat a nutroast instead. A message of goodwill there, like the American president pardoning a bird.

Bah humbug.


  • squiffy
    But Vodafone are quite happy to slaughter their customers with appalling customer service!!
  • Isabell
    Does Jeff Daniels appear in this advert as the dad

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