Commercial Break: No Cure For This Wretched Viral

10 December 2008

The cool-but-responsible dudes at Drinkaware have a festive message for us. They want us to enjoy the Yuletide season, sure, but without overindulging in a drinkular fashion. So how have they chosen to spread the good word? By making the worst viral ad in the history of everything ever on the internet.

It’s below this bit that you’re reading now, it’s five minutes long, and it horribly apes the character of Mark from Peep Show, even down to his speech patterns. It isn’t funny, it’s barely informative, and it took us three goes and a pint of Drambuie before we could sit through the whole thing.

If you get further than three minutes into it and don’t start dreaming about a stiff drink, you’re either a Quaker, a Drinkaware employee or someone we wouldn't want to be anywhere near at our Christmas party. Which you're all invited to. Except for... ah, you know who you are.


  • Bob
    All I'm saying is that it helps you rehydrate if you have a black sambucca after every pint, works for me every time (well, I think it does, I can't really remember). BTW, that was terrible.
  • Mike H.
    A pint of Drambuie? Puff, I have 3 pints, in rapid succession I might add, just to kick start my systemin the morning, then wash the taste away with 2 bottles of vodka, a pint, pfffffffft...
  • Matt S.
    Wow that was just awful. How does something like that get made? I mean like the script for instance, obviously written by someone who actually thinks they are talented and funny, but did nobody else ever look at it and politely point out that it was awful. And what budget did they make this on? £20? the paid for what? 2 6-packs of beer!! If it was a poor turn out (clearly just an excuse because they didn't want to pay for extras) then they were expecting more people, which means there should have been a lot more stuff on that table, that looked like someone's lunch.
  • Commercial B.
    [...] we shamefacedly brought you the worst viral ad ever. Today, to try and help take the nasty taste away, we’re bringing you the best. Well, according [...]
  • Joff
    Incredible. 5 minutes of my life I'm never getting back.
  • Andy D.
    You watched it all? You're a legend.
  • Joff
    I might request the url on my gravestone...

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