Commercial Break: M&S employ notable new temporary staff members

Here’s an odd marketing strategy from Marks And Spencer – aligning themselves with a gang of averagely-talented warblers that the nation at large has failed to take to their hearts.

Yes, it’s the X Factor finalists, seen here crooning their way through When You Wish Upon A Star in a campaign that will run right though until Christmas. We assume that the ad will be edited each week, removing the latest loser from the ad in a Stalin-esque rewriting of history until only one of them is left. Who knows, perhaps some of them will still be in the employ of M&S in 12 months' time - working on the tills as a Christmas temp (boom tish).

Is it too much to hope that a special ‘winner’s version’ of the ad will have the triumphant parper pouring hot tar over the others as they scrabble around at the bottom of a 20 foot pit? How can we vote for that please?


  • Dick
    When they get kicked off, they have to go and work for LIDL.
  • Sicknote
    This great nation of already debt laden over indulgent lemmings (or Christmas shoppers as Visa call them) will appreciate the dulcet tones of this years 15 minutes of fame X-Factor winner screeching at them as they stroll the aisles of M&S.
  • Fat S.
    What an absolute croc of shit. I'm hungry.
  • Brad
    The irony is thats probably the best Frankie has ever sounded and it was a on an M&S advert and not the singing show he supposed to be on trying to be a mickey mouse rock-star.
  • Kevin
    They all look like scum. No wonder it's collapsing
  • klingelton
    can anyone spell "pro tools"

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