Commercial Break: Make A Splash With Denim

Men! Put some Denim aftershave on your Christmas list. Splash it on and within moments the women will be trying to get in your shirt, their bright red fingernails like angry, erotic, red-headed snakes... or something.

When they’re not attacking your chestular hairs, they're seductively blowing up balloons and bursting them in your face. What can it all mean? What will it all lead to?

Two point four kids and a second-hand Citroen Xsara Picasso that smells of cola and sick if our experiences are anything to go by…


  • Martin
    Look at the curly haired bit of stuff in this old advert ... Shower scene too.
  • Andy D.
    Who's the old feller? Her dad??
  • Mike H.
    I already have problems fending off snake-like, red nailed, angry, erotic women ripping my shirt off, but that's because Iv'e just picked up the last pot of Ben & Jerrys Cookie dough
  • Bav
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