Commercial Break - John Lewis Christmas is so sickly you'll get diabetes

John Lewis have been throwing their money around on Christmas adverts for a while now in a bid to try and shoehorn the feeling of event TV on us (like Guinness adverts or people gurgling that it isn't Christmas 'til you've seen the red Coca Cola lorry on telly).

This year, they've gone animated, with a commercial so saccharine that after one viewing, all your teeth with turn brown and dissolve out of your mouth like curry paste.

As you can see, a rabbit makes friends with a bear and they buy each other presents. There's owls and foxes too because no advertiser will ever forget about the hipster pound.

In the director's cut of the advert, the bear attacks all the other animals before having sex with their cadavers and then answers the question: "Do bears crap in the woods?"

Merry bastard Christmas.


  • shiftynifty
    The hipster /middle class christmas commercial ...what a bag of shite!
  • fox f.
    How much fox on rabbit action is there? it on bbc1?
  • Dacouch
    For the record... Bears do not shit in the wood if they live in a zoo
  • JP
    John Lewis have blocked Youtube from showing their advert for copyright reasons? Really?
  • Daisy D.
    Way to go John Lewis. You don't want just ANYBODY watching your TV ad on Youtube. Punish the bastards, with their unfashionable glasses and man-made fibres! Let them sit through hours of dismal ITV and Channel 4 first! Alternatively they might not give a toss and just get gift ideas from Debenhams instead.
  • ihateputtingnamesin
    ^dope! They blocked it on someone else's channel. It's still on their channel!
  • Daisy D.
    @ ihateputtingnamesin My bad.
  • JonB
    Here's a working link: It's much better than the "dog's head in a box" commercial from 2011:

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