Commercial Break: John Lewis aim for the heartstrings, tug our disbelief gland instead

THIS is the thing that is currently rippling across The Internet via the social medias and that. It’s the Christmas ad from John Lewis and is apparently reducing hordes of actual grown-ups to actual tears. Have a look.

What? No way! That kid does not and can not ever exist. And if he does, he’s a raging psycopath in the making. If he isn’t already that is – popular commentator Charlie Brooker believes that there’s a dog’s head in the box. We hope and pray that he’s right.


  • Alexis
    Nice ad ruined by an unnecessary twist really.
  • Sicknote
    Pass the sick bucket please.
  • Boris J.
    You may mock ... ... but in the bottom of your blackened hearts you wish it was what life was really like. Now back to the mocking.
  • My E.
  • Brad
    Him running in and shouting "Allahu Akbar infidels!" and then the box explodes would have been a bigger twist for me.
  • SJT
    HaHaHa - I'd like to see Brad's version
  • Ravster
    Haha, I'd watch Brad's version too.
  • Boris J.
    Considering the pathetic attempt at wrapping I'm guessing that his dad just gets up and beats the shit out of him just like last year. Never good enough.
  • LeMax
    It's a nice advert - Better than 99% of ads I've seen this year.
  • oliverreed
    Better than that shite M&S X Factor ad,
  • Willy E.
    Look mammy, daddy. I bring gimp suits.
  • Milky
    I like it! (then again you lot have often acused me of working for John Lewis) Then again the actual end was a downer with the sicky "awww" factor, other than that entertaining. back to pricing up on the cheese counter & harassing the better class of checkout girls!
  • Joe
    Ashamed to admit it brought a tear to my eye. Then I read Brad and Willy Eckerslike's comments above and pissed myself laughing. Not to mention Brooker's hilarious dog's head based insanity on Twitter - last I checked he'd asked Louise Mensch to launch an inquiry. /ex-Waitrose partner //they really are as good to work for as they say

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