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9 November 2012

It’s as Christmassy as Christmas itself, a Christmas tradition as old as Christmas itself and surely the first sign of Christmas that Christmas is coming, and Christmas and Christmas and Christmas. And Christmas.

We speak of course about the yuletide advert from John Lewis, now in its second year or something. This year’s effort sees a snowman going that extra mile (literally!) in an effort to present his snow bride with a lovely gift.

In reality, there’s every chance that she’d smile through gritted snow-teeth while grumbling internally over the fact that it totally isn’t her colour and that he’s got her one that’s far too big. What is she, some kind of fat-headed elephant? Does he even pay her ANY attention any more? What a snowy arsehole….


  • Dick
    Huh. They'll both be dead by new year.
  • JD64
    Good to see John Lewis reminding us how much of a pain in the arse it is to actually go to the shops. The snowman's challenges in the advert were a visual metaphor for the problems that will be encountered by shoppers this Christmas. Battling for overpriced parking spaces. Trying to choose from a ranged of vastly overpriced crap from China which will all be half price in January bringing them closer to what should have been their RRP in the first place. Standing for ages in till queues enjoying the great unwashed coughing and sneezing their bodily fluids all over the place while waiting for the unmotivated shop assistant try to figure out how to correctly redeem a giftcard or perhaps informing the customer at the front that the item they have selected isn't actually in the reduced section which instigates a 5 minute debate on the matter all the while the peeps behind get madder and madder. Roll on December!
  • Studley
    For the music, couldn't they have just plumped for one of the many dozens of pretentious whispery piano-led cover versions that retailers have shat in our faces lately? Did we REALLY need another?

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