Commercial Break: Best Buy kill Christmas before it's even started

With the arrival of Best Buy on to the UK retail landscape due in 2010, some observers are observing observantly that they could stomp all over the turf occupied by the likes of Currys, PC World, Comet and Sock Shop. Of course the latter will only be threatened if Best Buy break with tradition and start flogging socks, which seems unlikely.

Other observers are observantly observing that Best Buy will be no better or worse than the rest and their stores will only act as another place for us to check out the tech in person before buying it cheaper online.

If these distressing new Best Buy Christmas ads from the States are any kind of indicator, we won’t even be setting foot in any of their stores in case a group of customer service gonks ambush us and start trying to big up the stock via the medium of iffy close harmony. By the way, if you're wondering what 'Twelpforce' is, it's their Twitter-based help team. We reckon 'KnobSquad' might have been a better choice.

Warning: these ads are so bad that they’ll make you want to go off and watch porn – even if you hate porn and have never watched porn before in your whole life.



  • Jack
    Haha, yes KnobSquad may have been more apt. The worst one is the sony video, but the other two are equally depressing, how did they get star ratings so high?!
  • Jack
    Oh, they didnt have many ratings in the first place, I thought they may have views in the high thousands. You should see the amazing captcha I had to answer -
    • Andy D.
      @Jack WTF?????
  • Late
    Wahahahahaha! Nice work Jack
  • dunfyboy
    How can the Knob Squad have so many manginas?
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. I have tried the mangina secretly in the bathroom. My testicles were VERY sore for many days.
  • crazybaby
    Good Grief, has it come to this? You can say what you like about DSGi, but at least their ads are good.

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