Christmas jumpers: selling well and doing some good

jumper Christmas jumpers. Exactly when did they become a thing? Did people exhaust the past so much that they now have to pretend they were all the rage once? We'll never know.

However, it seems like the trend is still going strong, as Asda have reported that they've had a 160% increase from 2013 in theirs this year.

That works out at around one million of the things.

However, it's all for charity, as Asda's garment range George partnered up with Save the Children for the third annual Christmas Jumper Day, which took place on Friday 12 December.

An estimated 4 million participants donned yuletide numbers, raising over £1.5m for the charity. Hurrah for the nippers!

So, you know. Feed the world or something.

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  • Bullsheet
    Slightly ironic that most christmas jumpers are probably made in sweatshops by children.

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