Christmas AdWatch: Tesco

Tesco have unveiled their Christmas advert, on an ad break last night during period comedy Downton Abbey.

It's a cheery enough ad for the troubled supermarket, understandably short on star names (you decide whether Tesco can't afford them now or whether celebrities don't want to be associated with them at the moment). The main action features various homely set-ups switching on their Christmas lights before going all a bit glitzy with some jolly lights in Wigan raved up by the team behind the Olympic opening ceremony at the end.

The music is the decidedly unfestive Flashdance theme played by a brass band and the ad will mark the start of Tesco’s ‘Every Little Helps Make Christmas’ campaign.

Jill Easterbrook, chief customer officer at Tesco, said: “Christmas is a wonderfully special time of year and we want to help customers in whatever way we can. This is just one example of how we’re doing every little thing we can to help make Christmas in fun and helpful ways."

"We’re with our customers every step of the way through the festive season."

It's good. A reasonably cosy attempt to show that Tesco is still there and fighting gamely, rather than some flash affair attracting criticism while it bleeds customers.

Either way, "helping customers" and "we're doing every little thing we can" is someone screaming "OH GOD! PLEASE SHOP WITH US! WE'RE ALL GOING TO GET THE SACK IF YOU DON'T!" internally, isn't it?

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  • LD
    Don't you just f'ing hate it all.

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