Christmas AdWatch: Sainsburys

Sainsburys have revealed their Christmas advert, and it's quite the tearjerker.

The full length clip was shown on ITV during Surprise Surprise, features a dramatisation of the Christmas Day truce in 1914 when English and German soldiers gave up killing each other for a bit and had a game of football.

It begins with each side in their respective trenches singing Silent Night/ Stille Nacht and the thawing between the warring sides starts. The they leave the trenches to say hello to each other and enjoy a game of footy.

The ad has been made in partnership with The Royal British Legion, who the supermarket have had a long association with.

'Christmas is for Sharing' is the name of the campaign and the chocolate bar (well, copies of) that is featured in the clip will be available instore across Christmas for £1, with all proceeds going to the Royal British Legion.

What's that? Oh, just got something in our eye.

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