Christmas AdWatch: Asda and Aldi

With John Lewis unveiling their Christmas advert - the jolly penguin soundtracked by a limped through cover of a Beatles outtake - it's truly the season for bumper festive adverts! HURRAH!

Shall we have a look at how they're shaping up? No? Well we are, so tough.

First up: Asda

'Smile, it's an Asda Christmas' is the tag, and basically while Asda isn't the worst out there, it would nice to have something slightly more to smile about than Asda running your things.

There's trees, stockings and food ahoy - basically the key touchstones which Asda will no doubt be hoping to reach out and engage with you with.

It also sees X Factor's Jahmene Douglas covering Louis Armstrong’s ‘When You’re Smiling’. Remember him? Sure you do - he's the one with a perfectly square head.

Here's what Steve Smith, chief customer officer of Asda, said: “We’re really proud of our Christmas brand campaign this year as it captures those personal touches and thoughtful gestures that put a smile on people’s faces at Christmas. We know our customers want to make their festivities special, and we want to remind them that we have put the thought and imagination into a range of fantastic food, wine, gifts and decorations so all they need to focus on is having fun together.”

Smith added: “This year has been challenging for all supermarkets but Christmas is a time to concentrate on celebrating and having fun with friends and family and laughing.”

There speaks a man who sounds like he'll be found hiding in the shed come Christmas afternoon, running his fingers over his new power saw after an arduous lunch with the family.

Next: Aldi

This is a big deal for the supermarket that has been biting at the heels of the big four this last year. Quietly grooving their own scene and building upon that with a minute-long ad featuring various families and gathering enjoying a variety of festive feasts before Jools Holland turns up.

That's right: Jools Holland is not just for New Year's Eve this year.

Joint managing director of corporate buying at Aldi, Giles Hurley, said: “We know Christmas is an important time for our customers and we believe everyone should enjoy the best without having to pay a hefty price tag, which is why we’ve launched a Christmas range with widespread appeal."

“Aldi is becoming a cornerstone of the grocery shop. We’re looking to reflect this in the Christmas campaign, while highlighting the superb quality of the products Aldi offer as well as the unbeatable value. The commercial also demonstrates to consumers it is possible to do your entire food shop for Christmas at Aldi.”

To be honest, we're quite relieved there's been no mention of solutions or platforms.

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