Chocolate and sweets HAVE got much smaller

chocolate When you were a kid, chocolate and sweets were much bigger weren't they? Once upon a time, a Wagon Wheels would constitute an entire meal whereas nowadays, you could eat 16 of them and barely notice.

Of course, you could argue that the difference between the treats of old and the sweets of the now is that you're physically larger. Maybe your favourite treat as always been the size of an adult fingernail? Maybe your formerly tiny hands and gob made you think otherwise.

Well, forget that because someone's done some research and it turns out we ARE being fleeced by sugar vendors. Boxes of Christmas chocolates, sweets and biscuits have indeed got smaller, but of course, we're all paying the same price.

For example, if you're bang into Bassetts Jelly Babies, they've shrunk by as much as 14.8% according to the Sunday Mirror. Last year, £4 would buy you a 540g box of Jelly Babies. This Christmas, to save you from tears, we'll tell you that £4 now buys you just 460g.

Outrageous. Meanwhile, a £6 box of Nestle Black Magic has been reduced from 376g to 348g while a pack of Terry’s Chocolate Orange Segsations is down to 300g from 330g, but will cost you the same £4 you would've spent on it last year. And the same goes for biscuits as well, with the price remaining the same, but the contents getting mysteriously lighter.

So what's the deal?

Manufacturers are pointing at the rising costs of raw materials and boo-hooing at the fact they now have to meet health targets on calorie content because of The Man. It isn't a sly way of squeezing more profit at all, no.

Cadbury said that we shouldn't worry because all they've done is change the shape of their Terry’s Chocolate Orange Sensations box: "We believe this still represents an affordable sharing treat." Nestle meanwhile, said that you should shut your moaning because their Black Magic box still had the same number of chocolates in it. Doesn't matter if the chocolates are getting increasingly smaller, year-on-year - the fact is, there's the same number of them.

So there you have it. You weren't imagining it. Selection boxes and Christmas treats are getting smaller.

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  • Mad B.
    Pope Catholic Bear poop in woods. Slow news day?? BTW Curly Whirlys are now about 50% of their original size

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