Cadbury get their lorries out for Xmas

Even though some people really hate the Coca-Cola truck, it hasn't stopped Cadbury rolling out their own lorries to herald the start of Christmas.

There's a new advert from the Fruit & Nut meddlers, which features an advent calendar assembled from 24 purple Cadbury wagons. The chocolate vendors are hoping that this will get people giddy about horsing down loads of sweets at Christmas. Which they do anyway.

Here's the ad.

Will excitement ensue if you see one of these trucks driving through your area? We're not convinced, but it is always nice to hear the Thunderbirds theme tune, so that's something.


  • Alexis
    Probably full of filler like their chocolate
  • squiffy
    If cadbury are quite happy to change recipes, the public will change brands, they will regret it...

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