British Transport Police Bring Near-Death Festive Cheer!

22 December 2011

Going out for a booze this Christmas? Don't you'll probably get mangled by a train. Just think about that. Why? Well, the Transport police have released some CCTV footage of a drunk woman falling under a train as part of a campaign to encourage revellers to drink responsibly at Christmas.

The video shows the woman stepping off a train in Barnsley before going a bit You've Been Framed and tumbling backwards and falling between the platform and the carriage.

"This woman was lucky to only end up with a few minor injuries and, had it not been for the alertness of other passengers who helped her, we could have been dealing with potentially serious injuries," police inspector Graham Bridges said. "We understand that at this time of year, with Christmas fast approaching, people will be out at parties and will be consuming alcohol.

"We certainly do not want to spoil this and would simply ask that anyone drinking alcohol does so responsibly."


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  • JD64
    This is natures way of trying to remove these people from the gene pool.
  • JD64
    Does the JD stand for Jack Daniels, JD64? And nature's takes an apostrophe, like that ;-) I'm not sure if it's nature's way, unless she was on her way back from a microbrewery. And she survived, so Darwin's theory hasn't been proved in this instance. What is interesting is how very few steps she took to land up in the s***
  • Sweary p.
    JD64, you're allowed to swear on here. For example, shit. However, please don't use fuckety-fuck, that's strictly for floppy-haired twats.
  • Floppy-haired t.
    Fuckety-fuck that was close
  • The B.
    You sure it was a drunken accident and not simply the banality of living in Barnsley suddenly coming crashing down on her?
  • Mike H.
    Drink responsibly ladies, or you'll get videoed and possibly wanked over.
  • Raggedy
    Not much gap between the train and the platform to aim your jizz to be honest. Though I did think she was wearing stockings so probably worth a shot anyway. :-)
  • Sicknote
    I just laughed so hard some wee came out.....funny as fuck

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