Bricking it this Christmas with Lego

Over here at the Bitterwallet office/cesspit, we love a bit of Lego, and as a rather jolly coincidence, Lego loves us (and you) too, and is everywhere this Christmas.

Why, Auto Trader have teamed up with the brick brand, to render cars in bricks for a handful of lucky customers via various social media channels.

The #DrivenByMe hashtag - dude, it's all about the hashtags now - sees people sending pictures to Auto Trader's social presences, and one winner a day will have the Lego treatment. Auto Trader will film the building of the car and then it will be sent to the winner.

However Lego have not stressed whether it will be life-sized or not.


If cars aren't your thing, but you fancy making a Christmas card using Lego's vast array of minifigs, then stroll on over to here and make your loved ones into plastic.

It's a lot easier, cheaper and simpler than sitting down and writing out a ton of cards. This way you be cheap and say "oh yeah I threw a tenner at a charity" and everyone will have you down as amazing (even if your soul will know and will eventually erode you away from the inside).

Lego. Always amazing.

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