Bitterwatch: First Christmas music in stores - post when you hear it

We know it's imminent. It's November and retailers are poised ready to pounce. So far, none of us here at Bitterwallet have heard the first sappy warbles of Christmas retail music.

So here's the Christmas music watch. When you hear Christmas music playing in a retail store post here in the comments with the store, location and date. Maybe we can make a google maps mashup to show it seeping across the country or maybe we'll just send some unlucky commenters a Christmas CD from a desperate X Factor failure...

EDIT: Ok for the fun of it let's see how many we get. Here's the Google map: First piped Christmas music


  • RazorD
    It was in Boots in Swindon town center yesterday :(
  • Alex T.
    I was shocked to hear it in my local co-op on Saturday. Yes thats Saturday the 1st! of November, unbelievable! Store: Co-op Location: Beeston, Leeds Date \ Time: 011108 \ 16.30 SHOCKING!
  • Paul N.
    Oh god that's depressing! It's already upon us...
  • First T.
    [...] yours here: Posted by pintofeggs Filed in Uncategorized ·Tags: [...]
  • Alex T.
    Hmmm not sure what happened there...
  • Paul N.
    It's the automatic pingback from your blog :) I stuck those on a gmap as it only took a few minutes. Let's see if we get some more :)
  • Fiona
    Store: Boots Location: Fargate, Sheffield Date: 4th November The song was 2000 Miles by Chrissie Hynde ;)
  • Bulldog
    Store: Boots Location: Valley Park, Croydon, Surrey Date: 3rd November Can't remember what the song is called but ended up whistling it all the way home in the car!!!!
  • Paul N.
    Nice one guys - updated the map. Seems like xmas is on the roll!
  • Chris
    Store: Wilkinsons Location: Leeds City Centre Date: 4th November Several oldies including Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, which to my horror, found myself humming on the way back home. God.

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